Residential Lofts

Live / work space  

Underground parking

34,000 sq.ft. (3,200 m²)

"...a well considered and interesting scheme."

—Commission for Architecture and
the Built Environment (CABE)

This mixed-use scheme faces one of Islington’s garden squares. The client’s program stated that it should be "an outstanding example of modern architectural design, to the highest standards and with the best quality materials".

The building is intended to provide a sensitive and proud example of what our era can contribute to the rich architectural heritage of the area. A large garden court opens up the site, providing an amenity as well as attractive views and sunlight for the residents and neighbors. All parking is concealed below grade and is accessed via car lift.

In collaboration with a local firm, Robert Ian Barnes Architects.





  • Venice International Architecture Biennale, Italy
  • American Institute of Architects Exhibition, USA
  • Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA San Francisco, USA
London, England